In asking for a person’s vote, I understand that I am asking for their confidence and trust that I will lead and govern in a manner that is consistent with our common ideals, values and principles.

In the past, we have always used political parties and their platforms to figure out where our leaders wanted to take us. I am not running with a party though, so the burden is upon me to explain what my values are, what my candidacy stands for and why my independence is so important in these critical times.

I believe leadership always transcends party. The commonwealth is facing a crisis that is going to require both Republicans and Democrats to come together. The solutions to building a more secure future will not be achieved without a bipartisan effort by men and women from all walks of life and political persuasions.

When asked where I stand on issues and what I will fight for, the answers are the same as the first time when I first ran for public office. I am fighting for you, the parent trying to make ends meet and keep a roof over their family, the student trying to get a cost effective education, the senior seeking the security to live with dignity, the individual who has no advocate, but whose individual rights are no less important than those whose voices have a chorus of partisan representatives. I will continue to fight for all of the small businesses that comprise the true engine of our economy, for cleaner and safer communities and for affordable and manageable health care.

My opponents are compelled to follow a script that is as old as each of their parties. Each of them will be challenged by a weary electorate, tired of the partisanship, tired of business as usual and more importantly, tired of broken promises. My candidacy is a clarion call to all, regardless of race, gender, faith or orientation, who share the belief that our common destiny will require a historic bipartisan effort of many to solve the challenges we face.


– Independent candidate Treasurer Tim Cahill is the former Norfolk County treasurer and a former Quincy city councilor.

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