An 25-year-old Irishman who had just started his two-week Boston
vacation was arraigned Thursday on a charge of armed robbery for
allegedly stealing a cannoli from a North End bakery.


Robert McTernan, of Newbridge, Ireland, was charged with one count of
armed robbery and ordered to to surrender his passport and stay away
from Bova’s Bakery, where the alleged robbery happened - around 3:30
a.m. Thursday.


McTernan, who had flown into Boston just hours previously for a two-week
vacation, allegedly entered the kitchen and picked up a blue-handled
kitchen knife, and hid it by placing it against his forearm.


Prosecutors say he then demanded a cannoli, which an employee handed to him before backing behind a counter.


McTernan allegedly told the victim to “shush” and placed his finger to his lips.