New York lawmakers, unwilling to approve a budget proposed by Gov. David Paterson, prepared a plan that cuts less aid to schools and universities and authorizes spending to avoid a state shutdown.

The plan drew criticism from the governor’s office. A statement by Paterson’s spokesman, Morgan Hook, said it lacked revenue proposals to close the state’s $9.2 billion deficit. Paterson called for a legislative session yesterday to take up budget issues, including the need to prepare for a $1 billion loss if the U.S. Congress doesn’t approve more Medicaid funding.

Hook criticized legislators for failing to cover the expenditures they want to restore. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of Manhattan, said the state’s finances require spending cuts.


“However, we are committed to sparing our schools from the most devastating cuts,” Silver said in a statement.

A closing of state government will be avoided, Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson of Brooklyn said in a statement.

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