An unusually mayhem-filled weekend saw police dealing with a home invasion, another purse-snatching and a shotgun-wielding arsonist.

On Friday afternoon, six men used a phony flower delivery to forcibly enter a Woodbury home. While they were stealing more than $100,000 in cash and jewelry from a 61-year-old woman at gunpoint, an 18-year-old unnoticed female snuck into a bathroom and notified authorities.

Six New York City men, Michael Mohammed 23, Randolph Chase, 31, Glen Campbell, 32, Goutam Persaud, 24, Aadam Yusuf, 29, and Jose Fuertes, 27, were arraigned yesterday on robbery, burglary, weapon, and conspiracy charges.

On Saturday evening, Suffolk County police shot Thomas Scimone, 48, after he set fire to his Babylon home and pointed his shotgun at firefighters and officers.