Lindsay Blankmeyer: Judge denies part of lawsuit against Stonehill over roommate's sex life

A federal judge recently dismissed part of a lawsuit brought against the college over her roommate's disruptive sex life.

Stonehill College recently earned a partial victory in federal court over a lawsuit brought by a former student who had issues with her roommate's sex life.


Judge Rya Zobel dismissed part of the lawsuit brought by Lindsay Blankmeyer.


Blankmeyer, a New York native, filed the lawsuit earlier this year and claimed that the Easton school violated her rights under the Fair Housing Act when she requested a room change because of the "toxic environment" created by her roommate who constantly had sex while Blankmeyer was in the room. Blankmeyer said she suffers from depression and attention deficit disorder.


Zobel rejected Blankmeyer's claim that Stonehill did not engage her in a process to find her a reasonable accommodation or that it would have treated her differently if she had a physical disability.


"Specifically, she has not provided any factsch showing that Stonehill did or would treat a physically disabled person differently," Zobel wrote in the Nov. 2 ruling.

Zobel did allow Blankmeyer's claim that Stonehill did not provide a reasonable accommodation.

Blankmeyer said in her lawsuit that she was doing well until her senior year when she began living with a new roommate who is identified only as Laura in the lawsuit.

"More disturbingly, Laura would have sex with her boyfriend while Lindsay was trying to sleep just a few feet away," according to the complaint. "Laura would also engage in sexually inappropriate video chatting when Lindsay was in the room."

Another hearing is set for Dec. 19.

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