Long Island College Hospital provides emergency services for all of Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights. (via Googlemaps) A SUNY Downstate spokesman said doctors and nurses have been fleeing Long Island College Hospital despite efforts to keep the struggling hospital from closing. (via Googlemaps)


Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn will no longer receive ambulances as of today, SUNY Downstate officials announced.


"Our primary concern is always patient care and safety, and our chief medical officer has determined that, given the exodus of doctors and other medical staff from LICH, continuing to send emergency patients there is no longer in the patients' best interest," according to a news release.


Patients will likely be transported to University Hospital in Brooklyn, which is about 15 minutes away.


SUNY Downstate has made several attempts to close the hospital due to financial struggles.


The announcement comes after a judge ruled on Wednesday that the hospital must keep their staffing up. But a spokesman for the hospital said doctors and nurses have been fleeing the struggling hospital despite efforts to keep it open, The New York Times reports.