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Lost parrot finds way into Waltham police cruiser

Authorities in Waltham are trying to reunite a lost bird and its owner.

Waltham is apparently going to the birds.

The town's animal control officer is trying to reunite a wayward parrot and its owner after the parrot landed on a police officer.

The bird was heard, but not spotted, from a tree on Columbus Avenue Sunday afternoon.

"Appears to still be in area, can not see him but hear the squacking (sic)," Waltham's animal control officer posted on the agency's Facebook page.

Then, a responding police officer with his window rolled down had a close encounter.

The bird flew through the window of the police cruiser and landed on the officer's shoulder, according to WBZ.

Waltham authorities said they now have the bird "in custody" and are asking for the owner to call them.

Anyone with information can call 781-314-3596.