This big brother won't be getting brother of the year.

23-year-old Wilson Morales faces child endangerment charges after apparently losing his younger brother for over eight hours. According to the Post the 5-year-old was left home alone while his big bro stepped out to buy a beer.

At around 1 a.m. Thursday morning, Morales' brother Zackary Nazario saw a cockroach and ran scared out of his house in Queens, wearing only his underwear and carrying a blanket.

Police said a local woman found Zackary about an hour later and kept him in her house until morning. Morales told the Post their mother was, understandably, furious.


Morales has been arrested for child abandonment and child endangerment. Before his arrest Morales told the Post that he blamed shopkeepers for not noticing the 5-year-old wandering around alone in the middle of the night.

"Didn't they see a boy wearing only underwear and carrying a blanket and no shoes?" Morales told the Post. "How could you not see him?"

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