If Councilwoman Jessica Lappin gets her way, your favorite lunch truck could be shut down.

Food truck owners and the New Yorkers who munch at them lashed out yesterday at a controversial new bill pitched by Lappin, which would suspend a food truck’s license if they get two parking tickets per year, and take it away entirely if they get three.

“This is extremely discriminatory,” said Oleg Voss, who owns Schnitzel & Things, a chain of food carts in Midtown. “I don’t know of any other businesses that can lose their livelihoods because of parking tickets.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he doesn’t support the bill. Councilman Charles Barron was more explicit.


“This bill is ridiculous and absurd,” said Barron.

“It’s too bad,” said Lappin of the lack of support. She says she’s representing residents and business owners who are furious with food trucks that clog valuable parking spaces and leave trash behind.

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