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Lunch with Palin a hit on the wallet

Republican will be featured guest at Long Island Association’s annual luncheon Thursday.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has not formally announced any plans to run for
President, but one thing is certain: The Tea Party princess will be the Long Island Association’s guest speaker at its annual meeting and luncheon on Thursday at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury.

“We intend to ask Ms. Palin general economy questions, as well as a few things about the state of Long Island business,” said Dan Perkins, the LIA’s Vice President of Government Affairs.
Tickets range from $400 for non-member pre-paid reservations to $40,000 for Premier Sponsors, who get a private champagne reception and a photo opportunity.

Long Island Rail Road commuters at Penn Station had mixed feelings yesterday about Mama Grizzly.

“I’m a Republican, and it’s unfortunate that she is the best we have to offer,” Griff McNair, a 51-year-old securities expert from Westbury, told Metro.

Bob Tobin of Massapequa said he’s a fan of the former TLC Reality Show star: “I think Sarah Palin is great. I love her ideals, I think she’ll lead this country in the right direction.”

“She scares me,” said Baldwin resident Lisa Brown. “I was horrified by her vice presidential run. She has no personality, no professionalism. And no business running for president.”

Rosemarie Torra, an administrative assistant from Oceanside, believes Palin has the right stuff for a presidential run. “I like her a lot,” said Tora. “I like her thoughts and her folksy style. She tells it like it is, and that appeals to me.”

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