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Major players: NY’s top newsmakers in ’10

It was the Year of the bed bug, Rangel, Cuomo and Cathie Black.

» 9/11 First responders: On Dec. 22, they were able to get passage of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which will provide $4.3 billion in research and medical treatment for people sickened at Ground Zero.

» The bed bug: Fear of the blood-sucking bugs hit fever pitch this year, when they were sighted everywhere from the R train to the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

» Carl Paladino: The Buffalo billionaire businessman and Tea Party favorite won the GOP primary for New York governor and kept the race interesting: He threatened to “take out” a reporter and launched an extended tirade against homosexuality.

» Cathie Black: Mayor Mike Bloomberg hand-picked the CEO of Hearst Magazines to take over as city school chancellor on Nov. 8, in a surprise decision that enraged both parents and teachers.

» Gov. David Paterson: Paterson kissed his hopes of running for election goodbye when it was revealed in February that he had intervened in a domestic violence incident involving his top aide. Last week, he was fined $62,000 for accepting free Yankees tickets.

» Mayor Michael Bloomberg: After changing City Council rules so he could run for a third term, Bloomberg had his finest moment this year with a grand speech supporting the mosque near Ground Zero, with an eloquent speech set against the Statue of Liberty.

» Rep. Charlie Rangel: The Harlem congressman blubbered on the House floor like a baby after an ethics committee found him guilty of 11 ethics violations, ranging from not paying his taxes to accepting a rent-stabilized apartment. He was censured by the House, a rare and serious punishment.

»Andrew Cuomo: In January, the attorney general will ascend to the role he was born to play — New York’s governor. He’ll be working with a Republican Senate and has promised to make reining in the budget his first priority.

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