A man was arrested at Quincy Center station yesterday after MBTA Transit Police said they saw him pull out a bag of marijuana and roll a joint on a bench in the busway.

Taurek Dugha, 31, was charged with distribution of a controlled substance after police say he handed the joint to another man, Nicholas Cunha, 33, of Charlestown.

Transit police said Dugha had three wrapped bags of pot on him.

Cunha will get a civil citation for having marijuana, police said.


The Transit Police Internal Task Force were at the station to address drug activity there.

"We will continue to utilize various law enforcement strategies to include additional undercover operations at locations where individuals brazenly attempt to sell, buy and use illicit narcotics," said Lieutenant Detective Richard Sullivan, supervisor of the Task Force.

Sullivan went on to say in a statement that the drug activity harms the quality of life for MBTA patrons and employees, and that he hopes to spread a message: "selling and using drugs on MBTA property will not be tolerated"

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