bay ridge brooklyn weapons subway A Manhattan man was arrested after officers found him carrying a bag filled with weapons and ammunition at a Bay Ridge subway station, police said.
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A Manhattan man was arrested on a Brooklyn subway platform after he was found carrying an arsenal of weapons and ammunition in a duffel bag on Tuesday, police said.

Chelsea resident Christopher Palumbo, 27, was charged with several counts of weapons possession, as well as grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, according to police.

Around noon Tuesday, police responded to a report of a man on a S53 bus in Bay Ridge with a weapon sticking out of his bag.


When cops arrived to the scene, the man had already gotten off the bus, police said.

Officers canvassing the neighborhood found him waiting for a Manhattan-bound R train in a nearby subway station at 86th Street and Fourth Avenue, according to police.

In a bag he was holding, cops found a shotgun, shotgun shells, machine gun and handgun magazines, military radios, a laser for shotguns, a machete and a Marine Corps uniform, police said.

According to NBC New York, which first reported the arrest, Palumbo is a former Marine. He reportedly told police he did not intend to hurt anyone.

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