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Man dies at Milton town meeting

A man collapsed and died at a Milton town meeting on Thursday. (Reuters/Lee Celano)

A man collapsed and died at a town meeting in Milton on Thursday evening.

Vincent Tempesta, 64, was sitting in the back of the meeting room waiting to discuss a taxi fare increase proposal when he slumped over against a man sitting next to him, WCVB reports. A police chief who was also at the meeting performed CPR on Tempesta until emergency crews arrived with a defibrillator.


Tempesta was then taken to Milton Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to Selectman Denis Keohane, Tempesta died quickly.“By all accounts, he had passed away right there,” said Keohane.

Tempesta had been on sick leave since Christmas due to a broken arm, which was healing slowly. He decided to attend Thursday's meeting because the issue of fare increases was so important to him.

According to his obituary, "Vinny"was married with two adult children and five grandchildren.

A funeral mass will be held at 10 a.m. Monday at St. Mary Church, Randolph.

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