Sergio Santiago. Credit: PPD Sergio Santiago. Credit: PPD

Sergio Santiago, who turned 23 two days ago, was held for court on murder charges after a preliminary hearing this morning.

Santiago is charged with shooting his friend Antonio Flores on Sunday, March 30 inside a house on the 1600 block of Wallace Street in Spring Garden.

The two were with two other friends rolling Dutch cigars to smoke weed in what would be the last time any of them smoked marijuana before quitting, one eyewitness testified at the hearing.


However, while one man was out buying more Dutches, Santiago allegedly picked up a handgun, which then fired and hit Flores in the head.

Afterwards, Santiago reportedly said, "What the f--- are we going to do?" to his friend.

The friend testified that he responded, "What the f--- are we going to do? What the f--- are you going to do?"

Prosecutor Carlos Vega argued that pointing a handgun at a vital part of another persons body is evidence enough to sustain a murder charge.

But Santiago's defense attorney Joseph Schultz argued that there was no evidence of intent, premeditation or anger before the shooting occurred, stating that the gun "accidentally discharged" and that only an involuntary manslaughter charge would be appropriate.

The judge disagreed and held Santiago on murder charges.

Santiago and Flores were reportedly close friends and had a relationship like brothers, according to an NBC report after Flores' death.

Santiago was arrested in Bensalem, Pa., on April 2.