nypd atv NYPD seized eight ATVs and motorbikes in northern Manhattan on Saturday.
Credit: NYPD

Police cracked down on reckless driversaround the city this weekend, arresting three men and confiscating eight dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles.

Almost a week after a man weaving in and out of Brooklyn traffic struck an officer, dragged him 190 feet and ran over his leg, officers in northern Manhattan canvassed the streets for offenders.


The officers were instructed to avoid chasing after any joyriders suspected of using an unregistered vehicle. Even so, two cops on foot patrol tried to stop one motorcyclist driving down Second Avenue at 5:20 p.m. Saturday.

The rider, 28-year-old Donovan Hibbert, abandoned his dirt bike and ran away from the scene on foot. The officers eventually caught up with Hibbert, who put up a struggle and left the cops with minor scrapes and pain.

Police also recovered abandoned two motor bikes nearby. A third dirt bike was picked up after a driver abandoned it near 112th Street and Fifth Avenue. All three were taken by police.

Later in the day, police also caught sanitation worker Samuel Lopez, 41, weaving through northbound traffic in an ATV on Madison Avenue at East 135th Street. Cops picked Lopez up as he was refueling at a nearby gas station, where a second ATV driver ran from the scene on foot.

Both ATVs were recovered and confiscated.

Police also arrested Andy Hernandez, 21, after cops said he drove an unregistered dirt bike along Broadway between 137th and 138th streets. Hernandez also abandoned his bike and ran on foot, jumping a fence and onto a fire escape.

Hernandez made it on to the roof of 503 W. 138th St., where officers promptly arrested. They recovered his bike nearby.

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