One insurance company has truly lived up to its name through a recent campaign surrounding the GLBT community. Kathy Kiely sat down with Trevor Nardini and Mary Rich of Arnold Worldwide to learn more.

Progressive, along with Arnold Worldwide, won a 2010 Rosoff Award for the “Progressive Faces of Pride” campaign. Tell us about it.

Mary Rich: Progressive’s campaign targets the estimated 15 million adults who make up the GLBT community. It began as a print campaign of several vintage photographs of gay and lesbian couples. Then we created an event photo experience, which placed modern photography side by side to the antique photographs.


And there’s an online aspect to the campaign, correct?

Trevor Nardini: Yes … We sent the photo experience to Pride events across the country, where we captured photos and allowed consumers to send their photos automatically to our fan page as well as their personal Facebook or e-mail account to create a viral experience.

Why did Progressive decide to go after this market?

TN: They did a lengthy analysis of what audience made sense for them to reach out to, and where competitors hadn’t necessarily made connections.

MR: When you’re talking to the GLBT community, though, you have to be aware of what the issues are. You can’t just slap a rainbow sticker on the ad and have it be a success. It wasn’t our place to be politically active, so we wanted to talk about what progress was being made.

How did you find the photos?

MR: We utilized Google, Flickr, and contacted private collectors and the GLBT community. We even created fliers and went to San Francisco to post them.

TN: It was really important for Progressive that these images had appeared somewhere before, whether at a gallery or in a book of GLBT photography, to be certain that no assumptions were being made as to the relationships in the photos.

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