One man’s trash is another man’s blank canvas.

A street tagger named Marcus Motion turns the city’s trash piling up on street corners into inspirational messages for passersby.

He scrawled “Look how pretty you are,” on a broken mirror on Second Avenue. “You deserve better,” can be found in Borough Park.

He writes his messages in Sharpie, chalk or even with masking tape on discarded mattresses, ironing boards and pieces of old cardboard. His tagging can be found mainly on the Lower East Side and in the East Village, but pops up throughout Brooklyn and even in New Jersey.


Motion says he painted murals on the walls of buildings for years, until he realized writing is a more powerful way to spread his message, he told Metro.

He chooses to write on objects headed for the Dumpster — instead of privately-owned buildings — out of respect for the city, he said. Motion said he understands why many view traditional graffiti as disrespectful.

“You can’t spread a positive message if you’re out there destroying things,” he said.

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