A 42-year-old Boston man was arrested early this morning and police suspect he is responsible for as many as a dozen robberies along Newbury Street and in the Fenway area.

Antonio Roman was caught in an alleyway behind Newbury Street about 2 a.m. when officers saw him jump from an air conditioning unit.

The officers questioned him and he said he was going to the bathroom.

Then, the police found a black backpack nearby and discovered it contained a large pry bar, latex gloves, leather gloves, a black mask, a head lamp and a Leatherman multi-tool.

When officers asked Roman about the bag he allegedly told them he was getting his tools in order to break in and admitted to other burglaries.

Police said that he mostly stole clothing and one burglarized store reported to police that they were missing $56,000 worth of merchandise.

Roman has so far only been charged with the attempted burglary from early this morning, but will likely face more charges.

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