Subway riders were even sweatier and more irritable than normal yesterday morning, as train and bus reroutes and cuts delayed many a commuter’s trip into the office.

Essex-Delancey, the new home of the uptown M, was a scene of frustration and chaos at about 8:45 a.m. yesterday.

Dexter Jacob was shocked when the M train he thought was bound for Fulton Street instead veered sharply north to Broadway-Lafayette.


“I had no idea why, none of us had any idea why!,” said Jacob, 45. “And of course nobody from the MTA said anything.”

All this week, orange-vested employees will give out information, but many riders said they were not helpful.

Another change was a new local N train, which caught Brooklynite Jason John, 29, off guard — and made him late for work.

“I’m annoyed. When it stopped at Prince Street, I wondered why. Obviously, no explanation was given,” said John.

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