New Bedford is ranked as the least bible-minded city of 2013. (Metro file photo) New Bedford is ranked as the least Bible-minded city of 2013. Credit: Metro Archive

New Bedford residents apparently aren't spending much time reading the Bible.

According to the American Bible Society, the cities of New Bedford/Providence scored the No. 1 slot on its list of America's Least Bible Minded Cities.

But they're not the only New England city to hold a spot on the list: Boston came in at No. 3, just behind Albany, N.Y.


Also representing the region is Hartford/New Haven at No. 7, Burlington, Vt., at No. 9 and Portland, Maine, at 10.

The society said the study is based on data obtained through interviews with more than 46,000 American adults over the course of seven years.

For a complete list of rankings, click here.

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