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Massachusetts man fatally shot while hiking in California

A man from Martha's Vineyard who was hiking out in California was fatally shot during a robbery along the trial, according to a report.

crime scene tape Crime scene tape.
Credit: Metro file photo

A man from Martha's Vineyard was fatally shot during a robbery that occurred while the man was out hiking in California.

Francis "Pat" Gregory, 69, the longtime West Tisbury town moderator and a former math teacher, was found shot Friday near a hiking trail in Red Bluff, Calif., according to the Cape Cod Times.

Authorities said Gregory and his 76-year-old friend from California were hiking at about noon when they were approached by a man who showed a gun and demanded money. After the robbery, the man shot both Gregory and his friend, leaving them near the trail.


A hiker found the two about three hours later. Gregory died at the scene and the friend is being treated for gunshot wounds.

Police are searching for the suspect.

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