While social media often temps people to share, post, email and tweet their latest accomplishments, Massachusetts residents should know that their smartphones and ballots don't mix.


According to Massachusetts General Law, sharing a photograph of a ballot could put a voter behind bars for up to six months, or cost them $100.


While the hashtag #showmeyourballot is trending on Twitter, word has spread that voters should take caution. Several people have shared the warning, and others have reported that they removed their photos after learning of the law, which reads:


Whoever, at a primary, caucus or election, places any distinguishing mark upon his ballot, or makes a false statement as to his ability to mark his ballot, or allows the marking of his ballot to be seen by any person for any purpose not authorized by law, or gives a false answer to or makes a false oath before a presiding officer, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than six months or by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars.


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