Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Mullan this week announced a five-year Capital Maintenance Program to enhance ongoing projects in the tunnels of Boston’s highway systems.

The HNTB Corporation will develop a plan for MassDOT by the fall of 2011.

The plan, according to Mullan, will “identify existing and future expected maintenance needs and estimate the costs necessary to implement solutions that ensure the tunnels remain safe.”

MassDOT’s Highway Division will focus on the Capital Maintenance of the Ted Williams Tunnel, Sumner and Callahan tunnels, the Zakim and Tobin Bridges and all related ramps and roadways said MassDOT Acting Highway Division Administrator Frank DePaola.

“It is our charge to keep all of these facilities in safe, good working order,” he said.

The plan will address recent tunnel issues, including securing and replacement of light fixtures, maintenance of the emergency egress railing, and the ongoing water infiltration mitigation efforts.

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