Shortly after five people were shot, four of them fatally, on a Mattapan street, authorities allege that Kimani Washington took a pair of guns from the murder scene and stored them at his Dorchester home.

Then, when police obtained a search warrant for the home, Washington’s mother allegedly called him to let him know officers were there.

Washington, 34, who was arrested earlier this month in New Hampshire as a fugitive from justice, was arraigned in Dorchester District Court yesterday on charges including illegal gun and drug possession.

Police said one of the guns — a 9 mm and a .40-caliber — was used in the shooting.

Although authorities said Washington stored the murder weapon, they have not charged him as the murderer.

As a prosecutor explained the shootings during the hearing, the details of the murder became too much for some of the victims’ loved ones. One woman left the courtroom crying.

Washington’s lawyer, John Salsberg, requested audio recordings and police notes as part of his discovery motion. However, prosecutors sought to deny that motion and claimed the release of that evidence could compromise a grand jury investigation and any following indictments or lead to witness intimidation.

The judge only ruled that the evidence be preserved.

Just hours after the Sept. 28 murders, police talked to Washington when he was found near the car of the one surviving victim, Marcus Hurd.

Before Hurd fell unconscious, he told police that “they” took his car, according to a police report.