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Mayor Michael Nutter said President Barack Obama’s climate change address todayat Georgetown University provides a path toward "meaningful reductions in carbon pollution while preparing for he impacts of climate change."


“With this bold undertaking, the President is acting in the best interests of the American people to address one of our nation’s greatest threats," Nutter said in a statement.


Obamaannounced a comprehensive plan to curb pollution and global warming, includingfederal regulations on power plant gas emissions, among others.


"Local governments have a major role to play in this national effort as changing and variable climate has tremendous implications for the livability, competitiveness and resilience of our communities," Nutter said.


In the statement, Nutter explained that his Greenworks Philadelphia plan, which was established in 2009, will release a climate preparedness plan later this year.

"The United States can and should be the leader in the transition to a clean energy economy," he added. "The extreme weather events affecting communities across the country are making it clear that we can no longer spend time arguing over indisputable science or waiting for the political sands to shift. We must take action now.”