Mayor Thomas Menino, who is nearing the end of his unprecedented fifth term as mayor, was released from a hospital this morning and transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

Menino, 69, has spent more than four weeks at Brigham and Women's Hospital for various health issues. He was transferred this morning to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, his doctor said.

"We are happy to announce today that the mayor is being transferred to a rehabilitation hospital today to help him get back to where we were before this whole incident," said Dr. Charles Morris.

Menino, who has had various medical issues over his tenure as mayor has another one to add to the list. Morris said that during Menino's stay at the Brigham, doctors diagnosed him with Type 2 diabetes.


Menino will spend an untold amount of time at the rehab facility to work on issues related to his back and diabetes.

He was admitted to the hospital Oct. 26 for a virus after cutting short a vacation in Italy. Doctors then discovered a blood clot in his lung. While at the hospital Menino complained of back pain and doctors said he had suffered a compression fracture in his vertebrae. That injury led to doctors also discovering an infection in his back that Morris said was causing Menino more pain.

While speaking to reporters this afternoon, Morris was optimistic about Menino's recovery.

"It is a run of bad luck and nothing that concerns me. He will rebound from this," Morris said.

Dot Joyce, Menino's spokeswoman, said that Menino's spirits are high and that he's "absolutely able to continue his business with the city."

"He is a little disappointed that he hasn't been able to do what he typically does this time of year, but his spirits are good," she said.

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