Navigating your way through the MBTA tunnels and stations while underground is about to get a whole lot easier.

T officials announced today that through a partnership with Google Indoor Maps the MBTA will become the first transit system in the nation to offer a way to see station features such as stairs, escalators, elevators, entrances and exits to help guide them through the system.

According to a press release sent to Metro, the initiative will use the familiar “blue dot” used on Google Maps, except underground and at select T stations.

For now, the maps will be offered to Android customers who are riding the T, according to officials.


Sorry iPhone users.

The feature is slated to launch tonight, Wednesday, May 9.

Google Indoor Maps are available in two-dozen stations including Park Street, South Station, and Downtown Crossing.

Using turn-by-turn directions, the features will prevent riders from getting lost when switching trains, and help them get to the next platform with ease.

According to the press release, last year, the MBTA was one of the first US transit agencies to bring real-time transit data to Google Maps. In 2009, Google and the MBTA launched their partnership to collaborate in providing transit maps and schedule information.

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