MBTA bus passengers might not want to leave home without their headphones if the T's latest pitch to reduce debt becomes a reality.

According to MBTA General Manager Rich Davey, as a potential revenue item, an Ohio-based company has approached the MBTA to pitch audio advertisements on buses.

Triggered by GPS technology, when a bus stops, a 10 to 15 second ad would be heard over the bus speakers pushing a particular place nearby.

Davey said the ads wouldn’t disturb or annoy riders, and could bring in several hundred thousand dollars to go toward other projects on the trains and buses.

According to Davey, the option of this form of advertising is an alternative to avoid raising fare prices.

The MBTA is meeting with the company later this month, said Davey.

Customers interested in seeing how it works can watch a YouTube video online by typing in “chamber videoPowerPoint Hi.”

Davey is encouraging customer feedback.