The MBTA’s recent news about new data availability can be confusing to the average rider, so Metro broke down the gadget-talk to get to the goods.

As of August 22, the T made real-time data on all of its bus routes available in GTFS-realtime format.

GTFS-realtime is a new standard developed by Google for delivering real-time data.

Basically, it's a top tier format.

According to a spokesperson from the T, this type of data sets a new standard with more accessibility to those who want to build apps for the MBTA.


There are four transit agencies in the country to release data in this format, the MBTA being one of them, which speaks to “how far the T has come” and how they are leading the nation in real-time data availability.

The new format allows developers to build apps and tools in a more accessible way.

There have been 30 apps made for the T since it initially launched information publicly to third party developers.

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