MBTA: Man rubbed front of his pants on bus door, smashed windows

Suspect is an inmate at the Boston Pre-Release Center, according to police.

A 36-year-old man was arrested yesterday for allegedly breaking MBTA bus windows at Forest Hills station after allegedly making sexual advances toward a female bus driver.


Cornell Robins, 36, was charged with malicious destruction of property after police say he punched the doors of the bus around 8:30 a.m.


According to MBTA Transit Police, Robbins approached the bus, with the female driver positioned in the drivers seat, and began "dancing around."


"He began rubbing the front of his pants along the door of the bus 'in a sexual manner.' He then stated to her that he would 'rock her world if given the chance,'" according to a statement issued by Transit Police.


According to the female driver, Robbins stood outside the bus doors and stared at her with a "crazy look in his eyes."

That's when Robbins allegedly began punching the windows to the bus door, causing two of the four window panes to break.

When police arrived, Robbins had a bloody hand, and allegedly said he punched the windows because he was angry the driver did not open the doors.

Police said Robbins refused to give identification, and had to be shackled at the ankles after he refused to go into the cruiser, and told police "how strong he was" and "how he could take all (the police) on in a fight."

Massachusetts Department of Correction took custody of Cornell Robbins, police said.

He is currently an inmate at the Boston Pre-Release Center.

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