The MBTA has released surveillance video of a Transit Police officer rescuing a man who leapt from a southbound Park Street Station platform Wednesday afternoon.

The man, who T officials described as suicidal, is seen on video sidling up to the edge of the Red Line platform, placing his belongings on the ground beside him, then suddenly jumping toward the pit. Another man, later identified as Transit Police Detective Sean Conway, suddenly grabs the jumper, in mid air, and drags him to the ground.

“I heard some yelling and screaming I thought that maybe some of our other officers were dealing with somebody,” said Conway, who was on his way to an investigation at the Red Line’s center platform. “When I looked across the platform, I saw he was alone. That’s when I went over to the stairs then back around to his location.”


Conway said he walked up to the man, who Conway declined to identify, and realized something was not right.

"He started drinking from a bottle kind of quickly and looking towards the pit. I recognized it wasn’t your normal disturbance call," said Conway, identifying the drink as alcohol.

As Conway got closer, he saw the man start to spring into the pit, and he snapped into action.

"I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back toward the platform," he said.

The man was treated outside the station, Conway said.

"Once we were upstairs waiting for the ambulance he said thank you," said Conway, who recognized the man as someone he'd seen throughout the MBTA over the past few years.

"I don't want to give specifics about his history, but I recognized he has issues," he said.

Conway said in his 12 years working for the Transit Police department he's never had to save someone from jumping onto the tracks.

"This was an unusual situation."

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