Two MBTA riders were able to nab a would-be phone robber and hand deliver him to Transit Police, before he got away with one of the passenger’s devices — but not without a struggle and some pepper spray.


According to MBTA Transit Police reports, officers arrested Jonathan Pagan, 20, of Chelsea, and charged with attempted robbery.


Police said two men at Back Bay station dragged Pagan by the arms to officers at the fare gates after he tried to snatch one of the victim’s phones.


When an officer ordered Pagan to place his hands behind his back a struggle ensued, according to reports.


Once the officer got the suspect on the ground, Pagan allegedly was “non compliant,” and the officer warned Pagan he would use pepper spray to subdue him.


Pagan allegedly continued to struggle with the officer so the officer released a spray from the can.

Pagan broke free from the officer, who then released a second spray at the suspect, and once again wrestled him to the ground.

At this point, the suspect allegedly broke loose from the officer’s grip and ran outside the fare gates and into the Commuter Rail lobby and down the stairs to Track 1.

The officer chased Pagan, cornered him, and took out his baton, according to the report.

Pagan told the officer he didn’t want to get hit with the baton, and surrendered.

More officers arrived at the scene and arrested Pagan.

During a search of the suspect, T police found three small plastic bags of suspected marijuana and a larger plastic bag containing several empty plastic bags.