Brookline’s Transportation Board is scheduled to vote today on whether to send a letter to the MBTA asking for help with a proposal to speed up the C-Line down Beacon Street.

The plan would make red lights shorter and green lights longer for C-Line trains at key intersections, potentially halting cars and pedestrians up to seven seconds longer.

“Many citizens in town feel it’s important public transit riders should have some priority over users of private transit, which are cars,” said Brian Kane of the town’s Public Transportation Advisory Committee. “Anyone who has ridden the C-Line knows it is frustratingly slow at times, especially if you get stuck at all the signals.”

While the signals at Hawes and Emory streets would be altered, Coolidge Corner and Washington Square are currently off-limits.

“If the vote passes, which I’m certain it will, the town will formally ask the T to look at this and meetings will begin,” Kane said. “Realistically, nothing will happen until 2012.”

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