Boston's Mayor Thomas M. Menino is being treated for a virus at Brigham and Women's Hospital following his recent trip to Italy.

Menino was admitted to Brigham and Women’s Hospital with a "flu like virus" on Friday evening, according to a spokesman. He returned from his vacation in Italy late last week and saw his doctor on Friday when he wasn’t feeling well. His doctor said he should go to hospital as a precaution.

"He’s doing very well and he’s very actively involved in planning and dealing with preparations for the coming storm." - said John Guilfoil, the mayor’s deputy press secretary.

The 69-year-old may be released Monday or Tuesday.


When asked for details on Menino’s condition, a spokeswoman for Brigham and Women’s told Metro this afternoon that "per privacy laws no information is being released by the hospital."

Menino left for the vacation on Oct. 14. The trip was supposed to include trips to Rome, Sicily, and a Mediterranean cruise, according to reports.

"It’s Angela’s trip," Menino told the Boston Globe earlier this month. "It’s our 46th wedding anni­versary, and she has been wanting to do this. She finally found the trip she wanted, and I acquiesced."

This is not the first time the Mayor has returned from a trip to Italy with a medical ailment.

In November 2010, he picked up a bacterial infection after scraping his elbow at a conference in Florence.