The Metro-North New Haven line, plagued by a lingering power failure, will be able to accommodate about half the usual number of riders by the time Monday morning rush hour arrives.

Limited service will resume thanks to a temporary Con Edison substation, according to a statement released Sunday by the Metro-North and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Full service isn't expected to resume for more than a week while the power company repairs the damaged cables that are responsible for the outage.


Thousands of free park-and-ride spaces in Westchester County and the Bronx are being made available in the meantime.

"They now expect to complete their repairs byOct. 7, with the goal of giving Metro-North time to complete required testing and restore full train service byOct. 8," the statement read. "Until then, we thank our customers for their patience and flexibility during this disruption.”

Roughly 40,000 regular commuters have been affected by the disruption in service since Wednesday's outage. The new train schedule is available here.
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