Police are investigating what caused a 27-year-old man to tumble off a balcony to his death at District 36 nightclub in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning.

It was a waitress at the Midtown club who first discovered Michael Lin just before 3 a.m. Saturday.

Lin, 27, was slumped over the stairs inside the popular club, which is know for raves, at 29 West 36th Street. He was badly bruised, bleeding from his mouth and also missing several teeth. His jaw also appeared broken, according to the New York Daily News.

Staff moved him outside the club and called 911, according to the News. When police and EMS workers arrived there at 2:58 a.m. they discovered Lin, unconscious and unresponsive.


EMS crews rushed him to Bellevue Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival, police told Metro.

The Medical Examiner is currently investigating to determine the cause of death, but according to reports, the broken jaw and bruises are consistent with a fall. It is suspected Lin fell off the balcony of the club to his death, according to the News.

Police, however, are still investigating whether foul play was involved. A review of surveillance footage from inside the club did not turn up any evidence of a dispute or fight inside the club.

Lin, a Flushing, Queens, resident had gone to the nightclub with his friend after recently breaking up with his girlfriend of two years.

There are no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

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