michelle kosilek transgender inmate boston sex change surgery robert kosilek Robert Kosilek, now known as Michelle, is seen in January 1993 while on trial for the 1990 murder of her wife.
(AP Images)

A transgender Massachusetts inmate has won a federal appeal granting her a taxpayer-funded sex change operation, the Associated Press reports.

Michelle Kosilek, who was born a man and now suffers from a gender identity crisis, has been taking hormone treatments to become a woman. She has lived in an all-male prison following a 1990 murder conviction for killing her wife.


Kosilek’s attorney, Frances Cohen, argued that the sex change was recommended by various medical professionals including the psychiatrist heading the program contracted by the Department of Corrections.

Kosilek, who was born Robert, killed her wife in Mansfield more than two decades ago. She sued the DOC after prison officials denied her request for the sex change surgery.

A 2012 ruling said that refusing the surgery violates Kosilek's Eighth Amendment rights.

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