Mike Bloomberg the one person in New York who doesn't care about 'Linsanity'

Something tells us the mayor isn't much of a sports fan.

Something tells us Mike Bloomberg isn't much of a sports fan, as the mayor hardly seemed thrilled when asked about Knicks phenom Jeremy Lin today at a press conference.


“I listen to Bloomberg radio in the morning and I have a smile on my face when I hear the Knicks won and I think it’s great that he’s one of the members of the team,” said the mayor. “He’s the star at the moment, everybody’s attention is at him. But there’s a whole team of players and they all have to participate for the team to win.”


Bloomie also took issue Lin's surprising rise to fame.


“The thing I found the most strange is some sports column that said ‘He came out of nowhere,’” said the mayor. ”If Harvard University is ‘nowhere’ in this country, we have a really big problem.”


Here's a video from the New York Observer, where Bloomberg takes question on Lin:

But don't worry. Just because Mike Bloomberg could care less about how well the Knicks are doing, that didn't stop someone from creating a "Hey Girl, It's Jeremy Lin" Tumblr. Because, after all, Ryan Gosling can't jump.

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