Miss G train spokesmodel, Shannon Herman, says the Miss G Train pageant, the brainchild of City Reliquary Museum’s founder, Dave Herman (yes they’re married), celebrates the humble train that shuttles between Brooklyn and Queens.

It’s also a wink to the bygone Miss Subways competition that City Reliquary is celebrating in an exhibit on view at its Williamsburg museum, “Miss Subways, Past and Present.” But why the lowly G?
“New Yorkers tend to connect with their local trains,” Dave Herman said, noting the train’s proximity to the museum.

Straphangers welcomed the idea of a Miss G train being crowned in just a week.


“It’s great to put a personality to anything in the city,” said Michael Milhausen, 32, a chef from Park Slope. “People have a negative impression of the G train, it could help bring a positive perspective.”

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