NASA has hired X, an MIT professor, to serve as their chief technologist. (file photo) NASA has hired David Miller, an MIT professor, to serve as their chief technologist. (file photo)

A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been chosen to serve as NASA's chief technologist.

David W. Miller, the Jerome C. Hunsaker Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT,will be NASA’s principal adviser and advocate on technology policy and programs, the university announced in a release Friday.


“David’s passion for discovery and innovation is a valuable asset as we move forward into exploring new frontiers,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said while announcing the appointment. “He has challenged his students to create new ways to operate in space. I expect he will challenge us to do the same."

Bolden cited Miller's experience in engineering space systems, small satellites, and long-duration microgravity platforms as skills that will provide NASA with significant assistance.

To accept the NASA appointment, Miller has stepped down from his position as director of MIT’s Space Systems Laboratory (SSL). He will keep his MIT faculty position and will continue as a student adviser throughout his tenure at NASA.

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