It rained green on Boylston Street Wednesday morning.

About $20 in single bills fell from a mostly blue sky in the Back Bay neighborhood, but it’s not exactly clear why the money made its way to the sidewalk near the Prudential Center.

The moment was captured by a passerby who then uploaded it to YouTube (see video below). Other passersby collected some of the money as it landed.

The description with the video said “a couple” threw money out of their top-floor apartment.

However, workers at nearby office and residential buildings said Wednesday afternoon that a person threw money from an office window about 9 a.m.

Regardless of how or why the money made its way to the sidewalk, it made Marc Ross’s day.
Ross hears his name called often along the stretch of Boylston Street where he now spends his days since he became homeless three years ago.

“Ross!” a Duck Tours boat driver yelled at the boisterous 37-year-old as he spoke to a reporter.

Ross said he heard his name called earlier Wednesday as he walked along his block of Boylston Street.

What was surprising that time was that a person Ross recognized was in a window three stories above him and began tossing $1 bills down to the street.

“He said ‘Hey Ross’ and I looked up and I thought it looked like fake money,” Ross said. “Then some of them landed at my feet.”

Ross said he collected about $20.

“Whatever a person can give, it helps,” Ross said. “It’ll help me with some food.”


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