Anti-Wall Street protests have won broad support among New York City voters, who would overwhelmingly favor tougher regulations on the financial industry, new poll results showed yesterday.

Sixty-seven percent of those who responded to a Quinnipiac University survey said they agreed with the Occupy Wall Street protesters, who are upset that banks were allowed to earn huge profits after being bailed out during the recession, while average Americans remained under financial strain.

An even wider margin, 87 percent, agreed with the protesters’ right to camp out in Lower Manhattan, as long as they obeyed the law. The movement began staging rallies a month ago.

Support for the protests was split down party lines, with 81 percent of the Democrats saying they backed them, while only 35 percent of Republicans said so.

One Upper West Side resident said she’d love it if Occupy Wall Street set up a second camp in her neighborhood.


“I think it’s great — it’s a revolution happening all around the world,” said Virginia Vale, 25, a Fordham University student. “There are a lot of people with a lot of money here. A lot of my friends haven’t been to Zuccotti Park, so it’s good they might come up here.”

The protests have spread across the country and moved overseas during the weekend. The movement’s focal point, however, has been New York, where protests have been largely peaceful.

Still, less than half of those surveyed approved of the way police have handled the demonstrations, after several episodes in which force has been used on protesters.

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