Big Brother may have more eyes on Occupy Boston members than they think.

According to a Privacy Rights Coordinator from the American Civil Liberties Union, there are roughly 30 cameras attached to buildings near Dewey Square overlooking the Tent City occupation.

“We don’t know for a fact that whoever owns the different cameras are monitoring what’s happening at Dewey Square, but they all have the ability to see the square from where they are positioned,” said coordinator Kade Crockford.

Crockford said she personally scoped out the scene, documenting all of the lenses looming over the protesters’ campsite.


She then created a map that pinpoints all of their locations.

“I wanted to illustrate to people that there are cameras everywhere and particularly in an area where they are doing political work,” said Crockford.

Boston Police Department spokesperson Elaine Driscoll said many buildings downtown have their own private cameras and police utilize various networks across the city, but said she couldn’t disclose specific locations.

“It is routine procedure for police to monitor our camera systems during major events and to monitor traffic flow and overall public safety concerns,” she said.

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