featured-stress-map Movoto, a real estate blog, illustrated the most stressed-out states. Credit: Movoto

New Jerseyans are always filled with pride, even when they are stressed out to the max.

Now, the property taxes and crowded population have paid off as real estate blog Movoto listed New Jersey as number three in a list of the 10 most stressed out states in America. You can just hear the Jersey pride coming from the shore towns.


"New Jersey is known for two things around the country: Having the most people per square mile and having stupid-expensive property tax," bloggerChris Kolmar says."And in true New Jersey style, these two things are points of pride."

Movoto compiled information from the 2008-2012 U.S. Census’ American Community Survey andbased the criteria on unemployment rates, hours worked, population density and other stresses including: the percentage of population with a commute of over 20 minutes, housing income and those without health insurance.

Movoto then scored the rankings of each state with a scale of 1 to 48 (with one being the most stressed out of the 48 lower states) and then averaged the score to compile the list.

The garden state scored first in population density and housing income, third in long commute, 16th in unemployment rates, 20th in average hours worked and 29th in lack of insurance.

New Jersey comes just behind Florida and Georgia as number one and number two, respectively.

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