Pay more — or pay even more. That’s the choice MTA is giving riders as the cash-strapped authority cobbles together a 2011 financial plan. The MTA is floating different ideas on how to raise fare revenue 7.5 percent and they’re looking for rider input.


One idea under consideration is raising the monthly unlimited MetroCard to $99 and capping it at 90 rides. Or the MTA could raise the price to $104 and have the card remain unlimited, according to board members who were privately briefed on the new fare possibilities yesterday.


Either way, you’ll definitely be paying more to ride the subway in 2011.


“There is no option that has people paying the same amount or less; the bottom line is they still need to raise money to operate the system,” said an MTA official. “Everybody will be hit to some degree. The question is how much will you get hit?”

On Wednesday, the board will be asked to authorize public hearings on the fare proposals; the hearings will most likely be in September and the board may vote on the new fares in October.

It is imperative riders attend the fall fare hearings, board members said. “The public should and will have a lot to say,” said board member Allen Cappelli. “I think the board will listen.”