Just when the MTA is vowing to offer better customer service, riders who sat on the N train for four hours yesterday morning said they experienced anything but.

Eva Mahoney was on the N train that pulled into Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue station at 2 a.m. yesterday, when MTA workers announced all service was down at the station due to snow. Shockingly, MTA workers demanded riders leave the train and find their own way home — in a blizzard.

“First, a transit police officer asked us to get off the train, and we refused. Then, the conductors asked us to leave,” said Brooklynite Mahoney, 56. “They just wanted us to go.”

MTA employees told passengers to take a car service —­ a laughable idea, she said, when snow was pouring down and some had miles to go.

“I said, ‘No, I’m not leaving. We have nowhere to go.’”

Instead, the 100 or so passengers commandeered another N train and sat down to wait out the storm until 6 a.m. when trains started running again.

“It was not sensible to go out in that weather,” said Mahoney. “They should have said we brought these people here and we should protect them.”

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