Taking the train every month just got $8 more expensive.


The MTA approved fare hikes yesterday, bumping up single-ride and unlimited costs for riders.


A single ride will increase 25 cents, from $2.25 to $2.50.


And other changes include changing the 7-day Metrocard from $29 to $30.


The fare hike was not as high as it could have been – other proposals included raising the monthly unlimited to $125.

In a statement, the Straphangers Campaign said that the agency needs state aid.

“We think these biennial fare hikes have led to the riding public paying more than their fare share,” the group said in a statement, which also expressed concern that infrastructure damage will mean more hardship on riders.

Attending the meeting was MTA Chair Joe Lhota, who said he will resign and leave the job Dec. 31. He is expected to run for mayor.

The Straphangers Campaign said Lhota deserves good marks for the year he spent at the agency.

They said he restored service quickly after Sandy, found millions in savings and added or restored the $30 million in bus and subway service that was cut in 2010.

Riders still have a few months to get used to the change — the new fares start in March.