New data shows 9/11 cops with cancer at average age of 44

Data shows young officers applying for cancer-related disability tripled.

Young and healthy police officers are being diagnosed with cancer at an average age of 44, according to data from the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.


The statistics, first reported in the New York Post, show that 297 cops who worked at Ground Zero have been diagnosed with cancer.


Lung cancers are most prevalent, according to the PBA data, but others are cancers of tongue or nasal passages.


The number of cops who are applying for cancer-related disability pensions also tripled.


Many first responders who worked on “the pile” are concerned that the toxic dust they worked around will affect their long-term health.

The city is working on its own study about cancer among responders, and a Department of Health spokeswoman said they will submit the study to a journal by March.

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