A new, more detailed police report says there was a backseat rendezvous between Rep. Carlos Henriquez and a young woman before an alleged assault by the 35-year-old state lawmaker.

According to an Arlington police report, Henriquez had been texting back and forth with 23-year-old Katherine Gonzalves on the evening of Saturday July 7, and around 3 a.m. Sunday, he showed up in a Zipcar outside her mother’s house in Arlington Heights.

Gonzalves’ mother asked her not to leave so Gonzalves told her mother that she would be back when she went out to meet Henriquez.

The couple parked a little ways down the street and moved to the backseat of the car where Gonzalves expected to kiss Henriquez for a while. Then she told him that she would not be able to leave with him that night, and he allegedly became angry, saying, “You made me come all this way,” according to the police report.


That's when Henriquez allegedly back-handed Gonzalves across the face, grabbed her by the throat and then punched her in the chest, while Gonzalves cried, she told police.

When Gonzalves attempted to catch what was happening with her cell phone, Henriquez allegedly ripped it from her hands.

Then, as Gonzalves was still in the backseat, Henriquez drove toward Boston. As Henriquez was stopped at a red light on Forsyth Street in Boston, Gonzalves leapt from the car, losing a flip flop in the process. She was then helped by someone who alerted a Northeastern University security guard.

Gonzalves said she grabbed her phone back shortly before jumping out of the car, but she later discovered that it was missing its memory card.

Henriquez faces three counts of assault and battery, as well as charges of kidnapping, witness intimidation and larceny in Cambridge District Court.